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A wedding on a beautiful white sand beach witnessed by blue sky, blue ocean and maybe a whale or a turtle nearby munching on some shoreline delicacy; a ceremony amid the tangles of nature’s lush green bounty with romantic vows recited beside a quiet stream joyously gurgling. Such ceremonies seem blessed by the spirit of love itself.
On another level, a wedding is a deeply felt celebration and acknowledgment of boundless love two people have for one another. Love that transcends judgment and ego, that lives for its own sake despite what our minds might tell in times of stress.
Because marriage is no longer mandatory in our modern world, brides and grooms are now able to give more thought before tying the knot, as well as to the person who is conducting this important ceremony, and exactly what is being said.
To these brides and grooms I humbly offer my services with gratitude.

Spiritual, Grounded, Relaxed and Exciting
I have two ceremonies such couples can choose from. One is what I call “contemporary spiritual” and the other is Christian. I like to perform ceremonies that are relaxed, spiritual yet grounded, and fun. My ceremonies are western style and most often integrate Hawaiian spirituality and customs, such as chanting, conch shell blowing and lei exchanges.
My ceremonies arise from the Presence spoken of by Eckhart Tolle, and I was raised as a Christian. I am also a student of Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and other spiritual teachings, and I am influenced by these paths, though I do not usually include direct references to these teachings, unless requested.

A Circle of Love
When I perform a ceremony, I intend the creation a sacred circle of unconditional love that has the power to draw you and your beloved into a space of peace and playfulness.  I invite you to stand with me in that loving energy as the two of you make your vows to each other.
The form of my ceremonies is dynamic. I perform marriages, civil unions, vow renewals and non-traditional unions, and also ash scatterings and memorial services.  I enjoy being present for large and small groups, and travel island-wide, though some locations require an additional fee.
My personal attention to your ceremony is what I enjoy giving and I and would be honored to perform your special ceremony.



One of the many things to think about when planning your ceremony may be the one that is most often taken for granted: the ceremony, itself.

We are so used to thinking about the “outside” of things that the “inside” can get glossed over. This is not to say that thoughts of wedding dresses and flowers are not important, because they are. But when a couple gets married, the words that are spoken, the words you say to each other, are the essence of the whole event. These words describe what you hope your marriage will be like and what it means to you. Maybe this declaration of love an commitment is worth special attention, too.

I have two ceremonies that I perform that reflect timeless values and promises that deepen as a relationship mellows and ripens. If there are special things you want or do not want to say, I am willing to make small changes on request.

Another option is perhaps more daunting. It is for you to write your own ceremony, with my assistance, as needed. The wedding website, The Knot, had an article guiding couples through writing a ceremony, which I have included below.

Thinking Of Writing Your Own Ceremony Vows? Read This First. By Simone Hill

Writing your own vows won’t be easy, but it will be totally worth it when you’re up at that altar. Ready to get to work? Just take it one word at a time.

Step 1. Read dozens of vow examples for inspiration.
Start by reading traditional, by-the-book vows — from your own religion, if you practice a certain faith, and others, as well — to see what strikes a chord with you. You can incorporate these into the original words you write, or just use them as a jumping-off point for your personalized vows. Once you’ve found a few you love, consider what it is about the style that draws you to those vows in particular.

Step 2. Agree on format and tone with your fiance.
Decide how you want your vows to come across. Will they be humorous? Poetic and romantic? Go over the logistics too. Will you write them separately or together? Will they be completely different or will you make the same promises to each other, as you would with traditional vows? Some couples do a little of each. Finally, will you share them with each other or keep them a secret until the wedding day?

Step 3. Jot down notes about your relationship.
Take some time to reflect on your fiancé. Think about how you felt when you first met, what made you fall in love and when you knew you wanted to get married. Write it all out. Here are some questions to get you started:
• Why did you decide to get married?
• What hard times have you gone through together?
• What have you supported each other through?
• What challenges do you envision in your future?
• What do you want to accomplish together?
• What makes your relationship tick?
• What did you think when you first saw your fiance?
• When did you realize you were in love?
• What do you most respect about your partner?




Marriage License


Hawaii has implemented new and easy procures for obtaining marriage licenses that let you begin your process online!

First, you need to log onto the state website at The Department of Health.

After you fill out the form and pay the fee online, you will be issued a license number.

When you book your wedding with me, I will set up a convenient appointment for you with a Maui marriage license agent. The two of you need to visit the agent together, bring along your photo IDs (drivers’ licenses, passports, etc.,) and your online marriage license number.  The license agent will pull up your computer records and check your IDs.  The agent will give you a paper license, which you must bring to your ceremony and give to me.

If you forget to bring the online license number to your license agent visit do not panic because all is well!  The agent will find your records using your names or ceremony date.

After your beautiful ceremony I will return to my computer and log on to another State website, where I will pull up your online records and officially state that the marriage took place.  Your file will then be reviewed by a person from the State Department of Health, which oversees marriage licenses.  Once they have done their job, your license will be available to you online for a limited time, and if you like you may print an “unofficial” copy.  Your official marriage certificate will be mailed to you by the State within a specified period of time.

That is all there is to it!

If you do not have computer access, let me know and I will help you obtain your license the good old, non-computerized way, which is also easy and fast!



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