A request for a special, spiritual wedding

A lovely groom just phoned, after seeing the “about” notes on this site which mention my broad spiritual studies.

He and his beloved were also raised Christian, but they now  consider themselves more “spiritual”  than “religious” and, rather than use one of my already created ceremonies (which are also very beautiful,) they would like me to create a spontaneous and personal ceremony just for them.

The date is New Year’s Day!  1/1/11 at 1:11 pm!  How romantic and auspicious!

I am very excited about this ceremony for many reasons.  One is because it challenges me to reach down into my true self to find the right words and actions that will bring into focus the sanctity of their union and joy they are feeling.

This is why I have been doing “my inner work” (how ever one might label it) for the last 30 years; so I can create a wedding ceremony for this couple  that is beautiful, original and personal!

What a blessing they have given me!

I will keep you all posted!