A Maui Wedding Adventure on the Island of Lana’i

One sweet Maui afternoon I received an exciting phone call from a man named Phil.  He wanted to sweep me, as well as his sweetheart Jenny, off our feet and onto the ferry from Lahaina to the romantic island of Lana’i!  There we would hold a private ceremony on a nearly deserted stretch of pristine white beach for the two of them, who have been together for more than eight years!  How could I resist?  I had been longing for a little ride on the waves for weeks, and here it was! Here are some photos of our Wedding Adventure!  What fun!  And what a great couple!

Jenny & Phil on the ferry to Lana’i. A gorgeous 45-minute sail! Maui is in the background.



The three of us before the ceremony at the Manele Bay hotel.
The Stunning Bride!
The Honeymoon Hotel