Same Sex Marriages

Same Sex Marriages in Maui by Rev Diana GeorgeDecember 2, 2013

What an amazing date! This is the day that Same Sex Marriages became legal in the State of Hawaii, thanks to a bill signed into law by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie.

Up until that time I was unable to perform a legal marriage between two men or two women. We did what we called “commitment ceremonies” back then (and I still do some now for couples not quite ready to tie the knot.) When I first started performing weddings on Maui about 13 years ago, after having moved here from Oahu, there were ceremonies at which I actually admit that I shed a discreet tear at the contrast between the depth of he love between loving partners and the unkindness our society showed them because hey happened to be of the same sex.

In 2001, my then unpopular philosophy was broadcast to all who read an interview of me in Maui No Ka Oi magazine, published when I was president of the Maui Wedding Association. Asked if I performed commitment ceremonies, I replied yes, I do. If you are lucky enough to find true love in our world of strife, I said, and if that love happens to look different from the way society says it should look, who is it that would say no to love for such a reason?

Back then we used to find the most secluded beaches for commitment ceremonies, not certain about how other beach goers would react. Now, of course, every marriage that happens within earshot of everyone gets a sweet patter of applause and calls of best wishes and good luck.

What a wonderful thing has happened to us all, and I am part of it.


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