They Met Then Married on a Maui Beach

Louis & Wendy Toth on Po’olenalena Beach


What a great couple Wendy & Louis make!  They met here a year ago at a group getaway, organized by a mutual friend. They told me they took one look at each other and came down with that Sweet Maui Magic called love!  Why the medical references?  They are both RNs and have a sweet, easy going way of being together that even impressed me!  Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Toth ~ partners in Life!

This Maui beach is one of my favorites.  It is called Po’olenalena Beach, or, Chang’s Beach.  It is in the Makena area of South Maui.

The South side beaches are some of Maui’s best beaches for weddings because the weather is more dependably sunny and clear, and the beaches are among the least visited.